Mike Wins World Long Drive Championship
Congratulations Mike!
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Congratulations to Mike Gays on winning the World Paralong Drive Championship in USA last week. Mike put this on his list of goals for 2018 and has been working hard over the winter hitting many balls gearing up for this event.

This is Mike’s review of the weeks events:

The tournament was held over two days at "The Grid" in Mesquite, Las Vegas where the
World Championships are held. There were 30 competitors each hitting 24
balls on day one and 24 on day 2. I managed to get one out there at 329 yard
at the end of day one which had tricky conditions of a stiff breeze into our
faces. My lead was 10 yards but knew that it was only halfway.

On day 2 the conditions were totally different, we now had warm sun and a
mild wind behind so I knew 329 wasn't going to last long and it didn't! the
first batch of balls was hit and I was behind to around a 334 yard shot from
one of the other below knee amps. James Reeson and I were watching the others hit
and whilst I was easily carrying further than they were, they were getting
significantly more roll on the ball. After 3 sets of 6 balls without really
getting close to the winning number we ran over to the range and tried to
figure out a lower draw shot that would get the roll we needed. In the last
batch of 6 I managed to get the shape going and then finally on ball 48 of
48 I managed to hit the perfect shot drawing in from the right, landing and
kicking on to a winning number of 358! 5 yards longer than 2nd place and
good for the title! Jimbo and I were both shocked and buzzing to say the

Well done Mike, everyone here at Brampton Park is proud of your achievement.

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  • Mike Wins World Long Drive Championship