"Enjoyable golf and good company"

The Committee of the Senior Men’s Section (SMS) aims to run a highly active and enjoyable programme of golf events to enable senior members of Brampton Park Golf Club (BPGC) to meet together for social golf twice-weekly throughout the year, attend social events and participate in Away Days, inter-club matches and SMS-sponsored competitions.

The SMS has its own Captain and Committee within the club whose ethos is to make the seniors’ golfing experience friendly, enjoyable, varied and competitive.

BPGC members aged 55 and over are eligible to join the SMS as Full Members with full playing rights. Those aged 50 to 54 can still join as Affiliate Members and attend social functions but have some playing restrictions – see Competitions and Eligibility below.

Fees (Full and Affiliate Membership):
To enable the SMS to function effectively, an initial joining fee of £5 is required from eligible seniors with a subsequent annual subscription of £5 (due 1st January each year).

SMS Members play in social ‘Roll-ups’ on Monday (Tuesday after Monday Bank Holidays) and Friday mornings within a block of reserved tee-times (usually 7am to 9.30am). The programme for each month is displayed on the SMS noticeboard located in the Men’s Locker Room and on the club’s website. Just roll up, append your name on the entry sheet, pay the £1 entry fee and enjoy both the golf and the fellowship. In general, Monday is designated as a 'fun day' when a varied range of team events are played while Friday is the 'serious day' when individual qualifying competitions (course conditions permitting) are played.

Competitions and Eligibility:
Full Members of the SMS with a CONGU UHS ‘competition’ handicap may play in all Events: Roll-ups, Away Days, inter-club matches and all of the SMS-sponsored competitions listed below.
Affiliate Members are not permitted to play in inter-club matches nor in Honours’ Boards competitions but may play in the rest of the Events as long as they hold a CONGU UHS ‘competition’ handicap.
* Full and Affiliate Members of the SMS who are also Flexible Members of the Golf Club are not permitted to play in inter-club matches nor in Honours’ Boards competitions.

The Rose Bowl ***
Monthly Medals (Apr - Sep)
Summer Knockout Cup ***
SMS Pairs Trophy ***
Sturdy Seniors Cup ***
The Pazio Pot ***
SMS Championship ***
SMS Masters *****
The Eclectic Trophy
Seniors’ Captain’s Day
Horsford Shield (Winter Knockout) ***
Roy Edge Trophy
Order of Merit Trophy
Turkey Trot

Key: *** Honours’ Board competitions open only to Full Members of the SMS (except ***** SMS Masters where qualification criteria apply; also see * above re Flexible Members).

How to Join:
If you satisfy the age qualifications and would like to know more about the vibrant SMS, please contact the Seniors’ Captain or any SMS committee member via the Office Manager.

SMS Committee Members (elected 15th November 2019):
Phil Rogers - Captain
Jim Heeley - Vice-Captain
Mike Brown - Treasurer
Derek Sincock - Competitions & Fixtures Secretary
Russell Marsh - Administration Secretary
Clive Sheffield - General Committee Member
Peter Meeds - General Committee Member
Dave Kelsey - Immediate Past Captain


SMS Captain, Phil Rogers, shares his thoughts!

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