25 Years of Brampton Park Golf Club

25 Years Old - Brampton Park Golf Club – a personal view of the highlights from Alan Wood

Brampton Park Golf Club became a reality some 25 years ago in June 1991 – originally under the ownership of four entrepreneurs (‘Portedge Limited’) – and is now a successful wholly owned members' club firmly established in the community of Huntingdon.
The following is my perspective of those 25 years in terms of key highlights/events and to me what has allowed the Club to become what it is today.

1. The ‘Kingmakers’
We owe a massive thanks to the team who put together the plan to create a members' club back in 1996 – it was a major undertaking to create the business proposal and raise the capital to secure the down-payment.
Ray Gamble, Howard Birley, Mike Mullen, Mike Sanders, Vince Davies, Matthew Staveley and Lydia Molyneux – we owe you a significant thank you for allowing the members to take control.

2. The ‘Mastermind’
To John Barry – a Stonecheck Chairman - without whose drive and determination we would never have had the Driving Range, the car park lighting, and the initial re-surfacing of the car park.
John set in place the Stonecheck investment strategy for our Golf Club – ‘he made it happen.’
Doug Poole is now carrying on with the same success and determination.
Sam Torrance opened the Driving Range and our Lady Captain, Brenda Davey, remembers it as a great day in our history. 

3. Pat Doyle
The bridge on the 15th, works on the 4th, 17th and 3rd holes - none would have been possible without the hard work, expertise and dedication of Pat Doyle. 

4. Our Community
Our Captains have raised over £100,000 for each of their Captain's Charity over the years – very very few clubs can match this record.
Many charities' representatives have attended the AGMs over the years to collect their respective cheques and have been overwhelmed by our success and commitment.
We probably have in June Cowper the most successful raffle ticket seller in the East of England!
Brampton Park can be proud to be a Community Amateur Sports Club – a role model in the community.

5. Our Good Golf
In these 25 years we have produced some quality golfers playing for the County through our junior ranks – Owen Davies, Simon Burns, David and Rob Mallett, James Reeson, Vicki Power, Megan Taylor and Nick Hollin to name but a few.
Who remembers Gary Wolstenholme’s 62 in the Mid-Amateur Championship – including a tee shot into the water at the 4th?
Jon Sharples hole in one during the Club Championship on the 7th hole with a 7 iron on the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new Millennium - 07.07.07!
The good old days of the Anderson's Tankards – when we could place a wager on the successful pair – pity the R&A rules ended a great Friday evening and then the golf on Saturday.
Nick Page – he rescued Invitation Day and made it a key event in our calendar.
Why have we never won the ‘Jock Stewart’ - maybe in 2017 David?
Some of our Ladies' Club Champions – Mo Poole, Lesley Ince, Megan Taylor and Roz Irons – well played – the Club Championships are great days in our calendar.
Mike Gays – an inspiration in overcoming personal adversity.
Cuthbert and North, Poole and Davies, Kesseler and Williams, Zarate and Robinson, Kamper and Prince – all formidable foursomes opponents!
Mac Buchanan – we wish him well – never going to win the Club Championship but a real character.
East Anglia Open Professionals insisting on playing off the Ladies' tee on the old 4th!

6. Our BPGC Chairman and their AGMs
Thanks to our Club Chairman over the years – who never seem to be thanked but have put in tireless hours of work – Mike Edwards, Norman Ewing, Mick White, Alan Wood, Lesley Ince, Roger Knight, Vince Weatherhead and Martin Shirley. They have been ably supported by their General Managers over the years – John Prout, Matthew Staveley, Bill Evans, Richard Oakes (deceased), Pete Holland, Lisa Charlton, Mick O’Driscoll and Al Currie.
The 1997 AGM when we spent 45 minutes discussing the length of socks allowed on the Course!
Jayne Butcher (deceased) coming out to the front of the AGM to model a pair of denims as acceptable dress in the clubhouse.

7. Our Captains and their Committees
The Captains' Projects have made a significant contribution to the Club and its facilities – the bridge at the 4th, clubhouse wall clock, bar awning, conservatory scoreboard, 15th hole fence, bar shutters, Driving Range pug – are some examples.
Personalised logo’d hand towels from David Creek at Hawkstone Park Captain’s Weekend in 2004 together with badger head-cover prizes – still have mine!
The Golf Trick Specialist at James Robertson’s Captain's Day!
Fancy Dress Day for Ladies' Captain’s Day – sailor suits in 2015!

8. Our Life Members
To our Life Members – Jim Chilton and Bill Evans – we wish you well and thank you for your contribution. We remember with fondness Vic Skerry who we lost in 2016.

9. The Irish Connection
The annual Connemara event – every 2 years we have the pleasure of welcoming our friends from Connemara and always looking forward to visiting them – a great event in our calendar – Don Bermingham would be disappointed if we did not mention it!

10. Those that we can’t thank
There are a number of members who put many hours of time into the Club – and we can’t thank them – James Robertson, Ian Wileman, Judith Parsons, Dougie Leighton and Kay and David Perry – a few special names to remember. They would be proud of what we have now and are deeply missed.

Alan Wood
April 2016

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